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Welcome to your Pinning Ceremony
all-in-one resource!
Please see the attached document "Pinning Ceremony Student Information"
This guide was written over the course of a year in conjunction with Pinning Ceremony faculty members in an attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding Pinning. 
Step 1: Read through the guide below
Step 2: Create your Pinning Committee
Step 3: Complete the Pinning Committee tasks and coordinate with your SNA president
Upcoming Pinning Dates ​(tentative)
  1. ABSN 35: December 2021

  2. ABSN 36 & TBSN 15: May 2022

Pinning Committee Guide




Planning your cohort's pinning ceremony can be stressful and confusing. We've developed this resource to help guide you through every step of the process. Please contact with any questions you may have.



1 – Selecting a Pinning Chair

2 – Establishing the Pinning Committee

3 – Pinning Date

4 – Floor Layout

5 – Selecting a Student Speaker

6 – Parking

7 – Refreshments and Catering

8 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1 – Selecting a Pinning Chair


By default, your Cohort Representative(s) will serve as your Pinning Committee Chair or Co-Chairs. Should one of the Cohort Representatives opt out of these responsibilities, the other Cohort Representative will assume the position as Chair of the Pinning Committee. If both Cohort Representatives opt out of these responsibilities, a person must be selected by the Cohort Representatives to Chair the committee. No election is to be held for this position, and the person selected is up to the discretion of the Cohort Representatives.


2 – Establishing the Pinning Planning Committee

Once the Chair or Co-Chairs have been established, members of the cohort can express interest in filling certain positions on the Committee. While the positions and responsibilities tend to vary by Cohort, the positions and responsibilities listed below are highly recommended. The Chair or Co-Chairs of the committee are responsible for selecting committee members and delegating responsibilities. The Chair of this committee is responsible for establishing the foundation of the committee, as well how it functions and makes decisions. It’s expected that the Chair of this committee will operate with the utmost professionalism, as this person represents the School of Nursing while communicating with other professionals throughout this planning process.


  1. Chair(s)

    1. Shall be responsible for selecting committee members

    2. Responsible for establishing committee member roles

    3. Responsible for all communication between the faculty planning advisor and the committee

      1. All communication between other committee/cohort members and the faculty planning advisor will be ignored to avoid confusion in the planning process

    4. Establishing meeting dates/times for the committee

    5. Makes final decisions

  2. Treasurer

    1. Responsible for tracking, collecting, and distributing funds

    2. Responsible for storing funds in a secure banking account

    3. Collects money from all cohort members

    4. Provides monthly updates to all committee members about the financial status of the committee

    5. Facilitates the repayment of the event to the Treasurer of the Student Nurses Association

      1. The Student Nurses Association will pay the initial cost of the event. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to repay the Student Nurses Association promptly after the event is over

  3. Fundraising

    1. Identifies methods to mitigate the financial burden of the Pinning Ceremony by fundraising

    2. Tracks and sends all collected moneys to the Treasurer

    3. Strict documentation of collected money must be kept open to the rest of the committee

  4. Special Projects (it’s recommended that more than one person is appointed to this position)

    1. Creates a video documentary to be shared on the projector screens during the ceremony

    2. Coordinates decorations

    3. Responsible for providing a photographer (if it’s decided that you want a photographer) and backdrop for photos

    4. Creating and distributing memorandums


3 – Pinning Date


All dates are pre-selected by the School of Nursing. Dates are posted 16 months in advance and can be viewed at the top of this page. All Pinning Ceremonies are held at San Marcos Campus in the USU Ballroom. There is no need to book the event, as the Faculty Event Coordinator has already done so.


4 – Floor Layout


This is the only approved floor layout and has a maximum capacity of 680. 36 seats are to be reserved for faculty. Students wit in the middle near the stage. 

5 – Selecting a Student Speaker


One student is selected to speak at the Pinning Ceremony. This is a highly celebrated responsibility and should not be taken lightly. To select a student, the Pinning Committee Chair(s) must have a class vote. Individuals must be nominated. Corrupt tactics will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of the noncompliant individual from all planning operations.


6 – parking


The top floor of the parking structure is reserved for pinning guests 


7 – Refreshments and Catering


Refreshments and catering will be decided by Cohort 

8 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can we have our Pinning Ceremony at a location of our choosing?

A: No, all Pinning Ceremonies must take place at the USU Ballroom


Q: Can we choose a different date for our Pinning Ceremony?

A: No, the Pinning Ceremony date is pre-selected by the School of Nursing 16 months in advance and cannot be changed

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There is no longer an application available for the pinning ceremony. The School of Nursing has created a standard ceremony to mitigate confusion when planning this event. For more information, please coordinate with your SNA president and Cohort Representatives/Pinning Chairs.
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