Board of


The 12 members of SNA’s Board of Directors are elected yearly by SNA members to provide strategic leadership in the fulfillment of SNA’s mission to support and encourage the growth of nursing students through increasing involvement, partnership, networking, and community service. 


Natalie Adame - TBSN, Cohort 13


Natalie Adame is entering her final year of nursing school in TBSN 13 and is striving towards becoming an ED nurse. She developed her passion for helping others at a young age and continues to strive for opportunities to expand her nursing knowledge. She is currently a nurse extern at Kaiser Permanente, her cohort’s representative, and a clinic site manager at one of the CSUSM student-run clinics. Natalie is excited about the opportunity to help lead an amazing organization with amazing board members. She looks forward to a great year and can’t wait to implement new ideas.

Vice President

Riley Reno - ABSN 32 


Riley Reno is a dedicated nursing student in cohort 32 of the ABSN program and is grateful to be given the opportunity to serve on the board of SNA. She is honored to work with her colleagues and the greater community of San Diego. Riley recently graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. During her time at NAU, she was devoted to community service and strives to use those leadership experiences to enhance SNA. Outside of nursing school, Riley enjoys traveling and spending time with her animals, family, and friends. She is excited to continue her journey on the path to nursing and aspires to become a nurse practitioner. 


Elitza Todorova- TBSN, Cohort 13



Lea Smith - ABSN, Cohort 33


Lea is a passionate nursing student of cohort 33 of the ABSN program and will graduate in December 2020. After graduation, she hopes to become a critical care nurse and plans on continuing her education to become a CRNA. She currently works as a CNA in-home health care. Prior to becoming a CNA, she was working for several Ritz-Carlton hotels and Omni hotels across the United States. Lea has also organized a relief drive for typhoon victims in the Philippines back in 2009 and a fundraising event for foster care organizations in New Orleans. Lea has always had a motherly nature and being a nurse is also her way to give back to the community. 

Legislative Director

Natalie MacGregor - ABSN 33



Natalie MacGregor is a Nursing student in cohort ABSN 33. She graduated cum laude from Northeastern State University with a degree in English and two minors - one in biology and one in chemistry. Although Natalie comes from a family of nurses, her path to the nursing profession was not immediately apparent. It wasn't until working in an animal hospital that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. With nursing voted the most trusted profession, it clearly offered a level of care and compassion to patients in ways other healthcare and medical professions fell short. Natalie also recognized that nursing is a profession that can facilitate legislative changes to improve healthcare within communities. This is what drew Natalie to the Legislative Director (LD) position. It is her hope that during her time as LD she can share awareness of the nurse’s (and nursing student’s) role in influencing legislation, and make herself accessible to provide necessary resources to empower fellow nursing students.

Membership Director

Lauren Alcorn - ABSN 32


Lauren Alcorn is a highly motivated nursing student in ABSN 32. She graduated with honors from Humboldt State University with a degree in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a minor in Ethnic American Literature. Lauren wrote her senior thesis on the intersections of sexual identity, ethnicity, and the concept of “citizenship” around the world. She works in the CSUSM Nursing Simulation and Skills Lab on the Temecula campus. In her limited free time, Lauren enjoys watching hockey and documentaries. Lauren hopes to work as a nurse in a regional burn center after graduating in Summer 2020.

Student Affairs Director

Alyson Messick- TBSN, Cohort 13


Alyson Messick is a Senior Nursing Student in TBSN 13. Prior to nursing school Alyson worked as a dance and music instructor but still couldn’t satisfy the itch to help others. Nursing seemed the perfect fit to educate, empower, and care. She currently works as a student assistant in the CSUSM Nursing Skills Lab to maintain equipment and mentor fellow students in open lab. In addition, she is completing an externship at UCSD in the Emergency Department and maintains current EMT Licensure in the state of California and San Diego County. During completion of her EMT certification she was exposed to nursing care in the emergency department and has been hooked ever since. She is extremely passionate about providing empathetic nursing care partly due to her clinical experiences and partly because of her own experiences as a patient. Alyson maintains the strong belief that patients should always be treated with empathy and be included as an integral part of their own care and strives to provide nursing care in accordance with these feelings. 

Fundraising Coordinator

Mark Cunanan - TBSN, Cohort 13


Mark Cunanan is a Senior Nursing student in TBSN 13. He currently works at Highgate Senior Living & Memory care in Temecula as a caregiver and strives to become a Trauma Nurse in the near future. He is also a board member for Sigma Theta Tau International Honor’s society as treasurer. In addition, he is a research assistant for Professor Tara Marko and has developed a research article in understanding the health effects of wildfire globally and is interested in further supporting his study. Mark’s passion to become a nurse began when his father was hospitalized for coronary artery disease. His viewpoint of the nursing profession at that moment made him want to pursue a career where you not only support a patient’s well-being but looking at a holistic perspective in assisting the family as well. 

Activities Director

Jiayu Yan - ABSN 33


Jiayu Yan is an international student from China with great passion in the medical field. She is currently working at the Math Lab on campus as a math tutor. Jiayu has gained her Human Development degree from CSUSM in December 2018, and she started to chase her dream of being in the medical field right after. Helping and caring for others have always been her motivation for pursuing a career as a nurse as well as being a board member of SNA. She is dedicated to helping all SNA members and nursing peers with her passion, compassion and patience.

Breakthrough to Nursing Director

Nicole Martel


Community Health Director

Heidi Zabriskie - ABSN 32


Heidi Zabriskie is a nursing student in ABSN cohort 32. She found her interest in nursing while on a surgical mission working for a non-profit organization in Guatemala. At the time she was employed as the Marketing Coordinator for this non-profit but quickly realized her passion for helping others would be better achieved in the medical field. Heidi worked as an Emergency Medical Technician prior to beginning nursing school and volunteered for two years at St. Joseph’s Hospital of Orange where her interest for critical care was established. Serving on the board of SNA provides Heidi with the opportunity to further her desire to help those less fortunate through organizing events for students to give back, while practicing their skills. 

Communications Director

Elizabeth Haquang - TBSN 13



Elizabeth Haquang “Liz” is a Senior Nursing student in TBSN 13. She currently works at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas as a PCA and strives to become a critical care or wound care nurse. Elizabeth continually strives to become involved in all aspects of nursing as she is a research assistant to Dr. Geri Schmotzer. In addition, Elizabeth has traveled to Vietnam this past December with CSUSM’s SON to provide patient care in a hospital and rural setting. Her experiences working with patients in another country has further solidified her passions to become a nurse and to provide compassionate individualized care to all patients. Overall, Elizabeth is an incredibly creative individual, and if she had not found her passion in the nursing profession, she would have pursued graphic design. Elizabeth is very grateful for the opportunity to become this year's Communication Director and looks forward to working with her fellow classmates.

Faculty Co-Advisor

Dr. Geri Schmotzer


Faculty Co-Advisor

Dr. JoAnn Daugherty, PhD, RN, CNL


Dr. JoAnn Daugherty began her nursing career as a trauma ICU nurse. She found she loved teaching when she would precept new hires, especially new grads in the ICU. She has spent most of her staff nurse career working in teaching medical centers. She obtained her MSN as a Critical Care CNS with a minor in Nursing Administration at UCSF and has taught in both the practice setting and nursing school setting. She returned to UCSF to complete her PhD in Nursing. She has continued to teach in both the academic nursing and hospital practice settings. She was one of the founding faculty at CSUSM School of Nursing in 2006 where she has taught continuously since then. She is also employed part time at UC San Diego Health as a PACU educator.

Cohort Representatives for TBSN & ABSN are the go to for questions and concerns for your cohort. They help all students in the SoN not just SNA members. 

TBSN 13 Natalie Adame

TBSN 14 Kailey Buchheim & Tamsin Gray


ABSN 27 Breanna Chappell & Esther Jando

ABSN 28 Kendle Hargrove & Jessica Kim

ABSN 29 Roland Chhouk & Jennifer Fernandez

ABSN 30 Kat Wanderscheid

ABSN 31 Curtis Hazell & Taylor Stephens

ABSN 32 Katie Day & Riley Reno

ABSN 33 Di Pham

ABSN 34 Nikko Cabrera & Polina Burkart