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Board of Directors

The 12 members of SNA’s Board of Directors are elected yearly by SNA members to provide strategic leadership in the fulfillment of SNA’s mission to support and encourage the growth of nursing students through increasing involvement, partnership, networking, and community service. 



Jackie Aquino - ABSN 45              


Jackie is part of ABSN 45. She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Biochemistry. She is currently interested in working in Med-Surg Tele because she is undecided on where she should go. And that’s okay. Prior to nursing school, Jackie worked in a lung transplant research lab and a toxicology lab. Besides school, Jackie loves completing escape rooms across the country, prepping for half marathons, and enjoying everything Disney.

Michael -VP

Vice President

Michael Huynh - ABSN 45                          


Michael is part of ABSN 45. He graduated from UC Irvine in 2021 with a B.S. in Human Biology. He volunteered as a Health Scholar for 2 years at St. Joseph's Hospital. He would love to work in the Emergency Room, ICU, and hopefully CRNA someday. Aside from school, he loves to take film photographs, play piano, watch movies, rock climb, go on hikes, and eat good food.  He is excited to be the vice president and hopes for an amazing year with SNA!



Jhamille Sagun - ABSN 46                


​Jhamille is part of ABSN 46 with past degrees in English, literature, and technical communication. Transitioning from helping write pharmaceutical documents and crafting user-friendly manuals to nursing, she's driven by a strong desire to contribute positively to people's lives. With her sights on cardiac nursing, she is equally excited to try on different hats and explore a variety of interests. When she’s not studying, she finds joy in the company of her two furry kids, often spotted at Ocean Beach's dog beach or Nate's Point Dog Park, always losing herself in the pages of a good book



Analiese Dalton - TBSN 19              


Legislative Director

Carey Luce - ABSN 46


Carey is a part of ABSN 46. She received a degree in Communications from Saint Mary’s College of California where she was also a full scholarship athlete on the Women’s Basketball team. Prior to attending CSUSM, Carey worked as a web and digital designer for professional and collegiate sports organizations. Now as a nursing student, she is most interested women’s health, but is excited to see what other specialties spark her interest while in school. In her free time, Carey likes to watch Bravo shows, ride her Peloton bike, and spend time at the beach with her husband, 3-year-old, and two dogs.


Membership Director
Amanda Harden- ABSN 46       


Eunji - Student Affairs

Student Affairs Director

Eunji Yoon - ABSN 46             


Eunji is part of ABSN 46 and graduated from UCI with a bachelor's in Psychology and Social Behavior. Although she wants to wait before making a decision about which specialty she wants to go into, she is interested in learning more about pediatrics. Currently, Eunji is working as a CNA on a medical oncology floor. Outside of school, Eunji's usually watching re-runs of Criminal Minds, spending time with her family and friends, or taking a nap on a couch somewhere.

Michelle - Fundraising

Fundraising Coordinator

Michelle Ho - ABSN 46            

Michelle is part of ABSN 46. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2022 with a BA in Communication. She is still undecided on what her nursing specialty will be, but she is interested in pediatrics, women's health, and emergency medicine. Outside of school, Michelle loves to bake, take photos, and walk aimlessly around Costco. She also dabbles in floral arranging from time to time. She is excited to serve on the SNA board as the fundraising coordinator!


Bre - Activities_edited.jpg

Activities Director

Bre Becker - ABSN 46       


Breakthrough to Nursing Director

Sydney Cerecedes - TBSN 18                         



Sydney is currently interested in OB, Pediatrics, ED, and NICU. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and family. She loves taking her dogs for hikes and she loves traveling. She is excited to be the new breakthrough nursing director because she gets to engage in the community and get more people interested in nursing/health care.

Alex - Community

Community Health Director

Alex Lay  - ABSN 46


Communications Director

Dez Godinez - ABSN 45    

Cohort Representatives for TBSN & ABSN are the go to for questions and concerns for your cohort.

TBSN 18 Madeline So & Penelope Adams
ABSN 43 Masha Leushina & Ivy Yang

ABSN 44 Angela Lynn Cayas & Bella Lamonea

ABSN 45 Jacquelyn Aquino & Carina Moore  

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