Board of Directors

The 12 members of SNA’s Board of Directors are elected yearly by SNA members to provide strategic leadership in the fulfillment of SNA’s mission to support and encourage the growth of nursing students through increasing involvement, partnership, networking, and community service. 

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Vice President

Arlene Stoecker - ABSN 36 


Arlene is in her final year of nursing school in ABSN 36. Her goal is to gain experience as an L&D nurse to one day get her DNP as a Nurse Midwife and train to first assist. She currently works as a nursing assistant and loves the connections she is able to make with patients. Outside of being a nursing student, Arlene enjoys rock climbing, surfing, traveling, testing out plant-based recipes, and spending time with her family.  



Nikki Wilkins - ABSN 36


Nikki is a part of ABSN 36 and is currently in her 4th semester. She has a previous degree in Kinesiology, Physical Therapy from San Diego State University. Nikki knew she wanted to be a nurse when she became an EMT and worked along side the nurses at UCI trauma center. She is excited to be a part of the SNA board of directors and is enjoying her last few semesters of nursing school!



Miranda Achard - TBSN 15


Miranda Achard is a TBSN 15 nursing student who hopes to pursue a career in either postpartum or trauma nursing. She works at Scripps Mercy San Diego as a CNA and is currently enrolled in a phlebotomy program in hopes to work concurrently at a blood bank. Miranda was a transfer to CSUSM SON from MiraCosta and finished with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Emphasis in Mathematics and Science. She also received the Certificate of Achievement in CSU General Education with highest honors and maintained a position on the President’s list with good standing. Miranda is excited to be a part of the SNA board as treasurer and hopes to make sure purchased merchandise is distributed in a timely manner. She looks forward to being a part of a great team and hopes to create long-lasting friendships within the program.

Legislative Director

Andrea Dunning - ABSN 36



Andrea Dunning is a nursing student in ABSN 36 and has always had a passion for biology and service. Having taken a circuitous route to the field of nursing, she’s an alumni of both UCSD and CSUSM, with bachelor’s degrees in biology and psychology and master’s degrees in education and biology.  Andrea aims to keep her fellow nursing students up to date on the legislation that will affect their schooling, graduation, and future careers. Recent events have highlighted how nursing is influenced by policies at many different levels, including institutional, regional, state-wide, and national. Now, more than ever, nursing students need to be aware of legislation and make their voices heard.


Membership Director
Maryann Rodriguez - ABSN 36


Maryann is an ABSN 36 student entering her final year at CSUSM. She graduated with honors from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Human Biology, where she developed a passion for understanding how the mind and body works. She looks forward to helping people as well as exploring the different options nursing has to offer. Maryann is proud to be a part of the SNA board and is excited to connect students from different cohorts in order to make lasting connections and strengthen our nursing community!

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Student Affairs Director



Fundraising Coordinator

Shelby ZeiterABSN 37 


Shelby is a ABSN 37 nursing student and hopes to work in emergency medicine or an intensive care unit after graduation. She received her first degree in psychology at UC Riverside. While volunteering at Riverside Community Hospital, she fell in love with nursing and the fast-paced environment of the emergency department. Shelby hopes to use her background in psychology to provide better care for her future patients. As the Fundraising Coordinator, Shelby is looking forward to organizing fun and interactive fundraising events this year to benefit the SNA members. 



Activities Director

Katrina Galan  - ABSN 38


 Katrina is a nursing student in ABSN 38 and hopes to bridge the gap between quality of care and underserved communities. She has a B.S. in Public Health Sciences from UCI. Katrina started her journey to nursing in high school as a Pathmaker Intern and then transitioned to scribing in the ED throughout her undergraduate career. She aims to create engaging events for students to get to know one another and create lasting relationships. Katrina is a firm believer that membership and mentorship are founding principles of success. She hopes to create a positive environment for each student and will dedicate her time to better serve each student’s needs. 


Breakthrough to Nursing Director

Krystin Llanes



Krystin is an upcoming second year Accelerated BSN student. After graduating from CSULB in 2016 with a B.S. in Healthcare Administration, she went on to work in community health outreach, assisting with linking people in medically underserved areas of San Diego to health services and health insurance such as Medi-Cal. She is excited to continue her passion for outreach in a different capacity as the Breakthrough to Nursing Director and be a mentor for young students interested in nursing. When not studying, she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and watching/writing about her favorite films.


Community Health Director

Carmina Sanchez  - ABSN 37


Carmina Sanchez is an ABSN 37 nursing student interested in pursuing a career in perioperative care or orthopaedic nursing. She graduated summa cum laude from CSUSM in 2020 with her B.S. in Kinesiology. She loves getting involved in the community and has helped with SNA's Diaper Drive and American Heart Association blood drives, as well as participated in other donation drives for several hospitals prior to being a member of SNA. Outside of nursing school, Carmina loves drawing, trying new restaurants with friends, and walking her dog at the beach. 

Communications Director

Adrienne Horner - ABSN 37


Adrienne is an ABSN 36 student who hopes to pursue a nursing career in critical care. She graduated from UCSD in 2013 with a BS in Microbiology and worked in research prior to pursuing nursing. She currently works as a nursing assistant and enjoys camping and hiking in her free time. Adrienne is excited to serve as SNA’s Communication Director and hopes to strengthen the nursing family here at CSUSM.


Faculty Co-Advisor

Dr. JoAnn Daugherty, PhD, RN, CNL


Dr. JoAnn Daugherty began her nursing career as a trauma ICU nurse. She found she loved teaching when she would precept new hires, especially new grads in the ICU. She has spent most of her staff nurse career working in teaching medical centers. She obtained her MSN as a Critical Care CNS with a minor in Nursing Administration at UCSF and has taught in both the practice setting and nursing school setting. She returned to UCSF to complete her PhD in Nursing. She has continued to teach in both the academic nursing and hospital practice settings. She was one of the founding faculty at CSUSM School of Nursing in 2006 where she has taught continuously since then. She is also employed part time at UC San Diego Health as a PACU educator.

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Faculty Co-Advisor

Professor Michelle Fawcett, BSN, RN


Professor Michelle Fawcett has been an RN working in Kansas, Colorado, and now California.  She has worked in many different fields within the hospital and has found her true passion in education.  She started teaching nursing clinicals for the University of Colorado School of Nursing while working as an ICU nurse in Denver, Colorado.  After moving to California, Michelle fell in love with the program offered at CSUSM and was honored to join the team in 2015.  She is currently working on her Master’s in Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) through the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), online.  She recently completed her graduate certificate, Nurse Educator Role, through UTA. Michelle is a member of CSUSM’s Sigma Theta Tau International (Phi Theta Chapter) and is excited to be working alongside Dr. JoAnn Daugherty as faculty co-advisor for SNA.

Cohort Representatives for TBSN & ABSN are the go to for questions and concerns for your cohort. They help all students in the SoN not just SNA members. 

TBSN 15 Silvia Gil & Abigail Peralta 

TBSN 16 Neil Zurita & Katie Roner

ABSN 35 Nadhirah Jamaludin

ABSN 36 Allison Hilton & Andrew Carlos

ABSN 37 Leah Sheets & Krystin Llanes

ABSN 38 Xhesika Dauti

ABSN 39 Erin Heimburge & Bassma Mancilla