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Why should I join SNA?

Students who become members have membership in both the school (CSUSM chapter), state (CNSA), and national organizations (NSNA). As such, there are specific benefits to SNA members.  These include:

  • Receiving SNA’s Imprint magazine, which is a professional publication for student nurses that offers career planning guidance.

  • Get discounts at various companies, including hotels, NCLEX prep materials, scrubs, health insurance, and more.

  • Scholarship opportunities.

  • Have the opportunity to attend national and state conventions.

  • SNA membership looks good on your resume and shows that you are involved in both school and the community.

  • You can earn an SNA cord to wear at graduation.

  • SNA members also get to run for SNA Board of Directors positions, and this experience allows you to serve your nursing school community and practice leadership skills within a recognized and respected organization.

How much does it cost?

1. Current NSNA Membership Fees:

  • One year ($40)

  • Two years ($80)

​2. One-time CSUSM SNA Chapter Fee: 

  • $20 

How do I sign up?

Steps to join NSNA:


  2. Click “Join or renew membership now”

  3. Sign up for new membership

  4. Complete the following steps:

Step 1: Fill out your information

Step 2: Select State: CA; Select School: California State Univ, San Marcos

Step 3: Select Program Type: Baccalaureate


Step 5: Select accordingly; Project in Touch Recruiter Number: 7015

Step 6: Pay for NSNA Membership

One year: $42

Two years: $80

Steps to join CSUSM SNA:

  1. Go to the Student Organization Giving Form

  2. Choose gift amount of $20 (this is a one time payment to join CSUSM SNA)

  3. Select “Give Now”

  4. Designate gift to “Student Nurses Association”

  5. Input required Donor Information and Contact Information

  6. Send a screenshot of payment confirmation or receipt to with your name and cohort number included in the body of the email.


If you have any questions regarding payment, please feel free to reach out to

Note: A complete SNA membership requires joining both the NSNA (the national organization) and our school chapter. There are no additional fees to join the California Nursing Student Association (CNSA).

Release of Liability & Student Conduct Agreement Forms

If you are in SNA or plan to participate in SNA related activities please follow the steps below to fill out the form from ASI CSUSM. 

The University does not assume liability for the non-approved, non-supervised off-campus activities of its students, including those conducted as part of a recognized Student Organization. Members that do not complete a form cannot attend events on or off campus events until they do so.


1.   Click Student Conduct and Release of Liability

2.   Select student organization

3.   Complete and e-sign the online form

4.   Submit

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