What are Cord Points?
  • Each student who wishes to graduate with an SNA cord must earn 5 cord points for each of two semesters (10 cord points total) while a registered SNA member. Points earned while not a member will not be counted unless membership is attained before the 8th week of the semester in which the points were earned. 


  • You can earn cord points by partaking in health-related volunteering opportunities presented by the SNA and by participating in our monthly open SNA meetings. Do you know of any great volunteer opportunities?  Please bring your ideas to our attention and we would like to get SNA involved.  Please read below for further information.

  • Please note:
    • Use the spreadsheet below to track your points.
    • Please communicate all concerns regarding cord points and membership to csusm.sna.membershipdirector@gmail.com 
    • Use the cord breakdown at the bottom of the page to see which activities can earn you cord points. 

Current bylaws regarding cord points:

Section 1. Cord Point Program

  1. A Cord Point Program will exist to encourage SNA member participation in SNA, university, and community events. Points are awarded for attendance per event and are accumulated throughout each Fall and Spring semester. Successful acquisition of the predetermined point amount per semester will qualify the student to wear the CNSA Graduation Cord at graduation.

  2. The program will be run by the Student Engagement Committee. Changes to the following program components will require Board approval by ⅔ majority vote.

  3. Students must have active NSNA membership status to participate in the Cord Point Program.

  4. Students that join SNA after the 8th week of the semester are not required to participate to be considered for graduation cord eligibility. They are still required to participate for 2 full semesters to be eligible for a graduation cord.

  5. Total cord points required per semester

    1. A total of five cord points per semester are required.

    2. A minimum of 2 semesters participation are required to be eligible for SNA graduation cords.

    3. The five point requirement must be met for every semester that a student is an SNA member to be eligible for a graduation cord.

    4. SNA members may earn more than 5 points per semester.

Points per event:

  • Open SNA Board Meetings (2 points each)

  • SNA Committee Meetings (2 points each)

  • SNA Sponsored Social Events (2 points each)

  • Participation in the Peer Mentoring Program (1 point) ***Note - We no longer offer more than one point for being in the program

  • Breakthrough to Nursing Events (2 points each)

  • Community Health Events - walks, homeless outreach, volunteer work, etc. (3 points each)

  • Blood Drive - Donating Blood (1 point each)

  • Blood Drive - Volunteering (2 points each)

  • CNSA/NSNA Convention or Conference Attendance (2 points)

  • CSUSM Student Organization Event Attendance (1 point each)

  • Submitting Intent to Run for any Board Member Position (1 point)

  • Completion of SNA Poll or Questionnaire (1 point each)

Please contact us at csusm.sna.activities@gmail.com with any questions regarding cord points