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Who are we?
The Student Nurses Association (SNA) at CSUSM is a student-run, self-governed chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).
Students who become members have dual membership in both the school & national organizations. Membership provides many benefits including, but not limited to, personal and professional development, leadership and networking opportunities, scholarship eligibility, community involvement and much more.

Our Vision
Growing SNA through membership, growing in our journey, and growing leaders through empowerment. 
Mission Statement
To support and encourage academic and professional growth while empowering our members to become leaders through increasing involvement, partnership, networking, and community service. Through the use of advocacy, values, and ethics, we uphold the high standards of the nursing profession and inspire philanthropy of time, skill and resources.
  • Development of essential skills to help nursing students excel in the professional environment
  • Supporting the transition and encouraging success of newly admitted students
  • Establishing a mentoring presence for the high school community
  • Creating a mutually beneficial partnership with the greater surrounding community
  • Providing easy to access health promotion and illness prevention
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